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January 2010



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Jan. 6th, 2010

edit please.........?

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Buy Paxil 10mg/20mg/30mg/40mg

For my project I decided to “Live my Dream” I choose to provide a nursing home for those with medical needs. I plan to help them out because their close relatives might not be there as much as often, and there can’t be a nurse to help them 24/7. I was inspired to lend a hand for the sick elderly, because I’ve realized that many young people have a great life or something exciting in their life, when there are seniors who are trapped at their homes and not able to live a life. There are three type of nursing home: skilled nursing care homes, intermediate care facilities, and supervised assisted living facilities. The difference is what the business offers and what type of care every nursing home give different policies where there are elders that can walk and talk in one nursing home. Another home that have the disable elders who have a long-term illness.

I found a business at Portland, Maine it cost me $695,000 the rent is $2,300 every month, and the nursing home was usually called Jordie Lee Investments but I changed the name to Comfort Zone. The limit of the household is ten disabled elders they must be paralyzed, can’t move, or talk right. There are ten rooms (peach colored), two bathrooms for visitors and employees, one large kitchen, and one living room for the mature but ill senior citizens to be well entertained. I bought many items for the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and bathroom such like stoves, towels, beds, TV’s, and etc…

For staff members I’d hire twenty employees and pay them $2,250 a month. They will be paid every week with weekends counted which is $450 per week. If you count all twenty employees in all it will come out $45,000 every month and $540,000 every year, for one year per employee the total be $27,000. I’d hire twenty employees because I will assign two staff members per one elder. The first staff member shift will start at 8am-2pm a total of six hours for a working-day; second employee will work till 2:05pm-9pm. A representative would have two breaks in total of a day their break will have a limit of thirty-five minutes.

One of the reasons why I decided to open a nursing home is because I’ve realized that lot of sick elders need nurses to take care of them. In lots of hospitals there are nurses who take care of patients and they give their patient or elder treatments and medicines. But sometimes a sick person is care for at home, and then a home nurse will be needed.
The staff members that are in charge of the health of the elders are usually what the home nurse does. When an elder is extremely ill doctors will recommend a professional nurse to take of the seniors.

Most families feel very guilty when it comes to place a relative in a nursing home as in an elder. But they do agree to place them in one because they might not be able to take good care of them as most nurse professionals can, so when it comes to senior health problems may grow too serve and the families social and economic resources will become too tense to keep their relative home. Lot of the elders suffers from stress because they are placed in an unfamiliar place at an assisted living facility. It at times has a result of depression, and some cases of death. Most retirement homes let there clients or patients have their personal belongings stay with them at the nursing home. It is important for a convalescent hospital to have their patients happy, and for the employees to be concerned with any problems of their clients.

For the insurance I decided to buy Property Insurance which insurance that has protection against risks such as fire. Floods, earthquakes, thefts, and etc... The insurance comes up to $764.50; another type of insurance that I decided to buy was Liability and Worker compensation Insurance. Liability Insurance offers business asset against third party claims. The payment is made to a person suffering losses, not insurance contract it cost $1,000. Worker compensation insurance covers medical care for employees and injures they got at work, a reliable protection of hard work also sound sleep every night it cost $695. The total of the insurance comes up to $2,459.05.

Some types of medication that some of the elders would are:

1.Diavan 80mg “red” (take one tablet by mouth daily)
2.Aspir-Low 81mg “yellow” (take two tablets by mouth in the morning)
3.Senna plus tablet “orange” (take two tablets by mouth in the morning)
4.Ascorbic Acid 500mg tablet “white” (take one tablet by mouth daily)
5.Paroxetine HCL 20mg tablet “blue” (take one tablet by mouth daily)
6.Lerothyroxine 50mg tablet “white” (take one tablet by mouth daily)
7.Flomax 0.4mg capsule “white” (take on capsule by mouth daily)
8.Omeprazole 20mg capsule “white” (take capsule by mouth daily)
9.Metoprolol succer 50mg “white” (take ½ tablet by mouth daily)
10.Furosmide 20mg tablet “white” (take one tablet by mouth daily)

Most elders may take this type of medicine in which to get better or

Nov. 21st, 2009

is 20mg paroxetine hcl equal to 20mg paxin?

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i was originally on 20 mg of paxin every day and i slept well. since switching to the generic paroxetine hcl my insomnia has returned and appetite gone away too. feels like my depression is coming back. are these equal dosages of the same drug?

May. 29th, 2009

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Mar. 28th, 2009

I am 22, Do I really need to be on Paxil?

buy paxil 10mg/20mg/30mg/40mg

Buy Paxil 10mg/20mg/30mg/40mg

2 weeks ago, in the wake of feeling down from the death of my close Uncle, fights with my online "pen pals", and general malaise and disappointment for the past 2 years, I took it upon myself to see a Doctor.

I feel like I made a mistake. Instead of going to a therapist first, I went to a psychiatrist. She immediately prescribed 2 weeks of Paroxetine (Paxil) (10mg) and Buspirone HCL (Buspar) (5mg) for depression and anxiety. She recommended seeing a therapist as well, whom I am meeting with soon.

I am 22. I've consulted a Priest. I've read "self help" books. I will go see the Therapist. But I feel that being on the pills, the Paxil more than anything, is preventing me from being a "normal" 22 year old male.

Any of you out there of a similar age going through or have gone through a similar phase?

I do not want to be on drugs for the rest of my life. What should I do?
I did fine when I was in counseling provided by my university from 2005 - 2006.

I went through a bad "break up", graduation, moving home, finding a job, leaving that job for a new one, the loss of a family member, and letting people take advantage of me.

So, I don't think drugs can solve those situations. I do think therapy is the way...

But what do you all think?